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Testosterone: The Wonder Hormone

..Testosterone: The Wonder Hormone

Testosterone: The Wonder Hormone

We all have a basic understanding of testosterone- it’s a naturally occurring steroid and sex hormone and is also seen as a symbol of masculinity. This symbolism was verified in a Wayne State University study which compared and contrasted two groups of men, one with high testosterone levels and one with much lower ones, in the way they attracted women. There was no contest- the group with the higher testosterone levels were undeniably more appealing to the girls. Not just for the physical differences higher testosterone creates (body fat distribution, increased muscle mass) but also for the supercharged libido, energy and confidence testosterone promotes. But it’s not just dudes (and their satisfied ladies) who are going crazy over the wonder hormone, The National Institute of Health ranked it as the most important male hormone (women also produce testosterone, but a very low amount). This is because testosterone is in charge of a myriad of integral male functions.

Testosterone starts to increase in boys as they reach puberty and is responsible for sex organs growing, the voice deepening and body hair growing. At this point, and for years after, testosterone helps men create sperm and achieve a healthy sperm count.

Testosterone levels peak in the male human body in his late 20’s and start to decline from there. Lowered testosterone is an incredibly normal part of the male experience, but as it leads to lowered libido and reduced muscle mass, it is certainly upsetting to a lot of men (and their partners).

But there are ways to combat this inevitable loss. Signs of low testosterone include: fatigue, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, physical weakness, depression, difficulty concentrating and more. But, testosterone supplements or products that enhance its production, can solve pretty much all of those problems. Testosterone boosters work by increasing testosterone, stopping hormones that will change testosterone into estrogen, or by acting as a precursor to the production of testosterone and nitric oxide, such as in the case of Arouse Him Ultra T Proprietary Blend. This specific product works to accentuate and accommodate for erections. When an erection occurs, the blood vessels around the penis and the penis itself expand, to allow more blood flow. Unfortunately, lack of testosterone and the element it produces, nitric oxide, will stop blood vessels from dilating and subsequently, blood can’t flow strongly enough to create the erection you and your partner so desire.

But, the nutrients found in Arouse Him Ultra will allow the vessels and the endothelium to widen. It will also stop fatty deposits from sticking to the vessel walls. No longer will you have to worry about your inability to perform in intimate moments, the products offered by Optimal Life have your back!


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